Why college is so expensive essay

51% is the maximum tuition reduction, applicable to part-time enrollment in our Computer Science Bachelor's degree completion program. Reduction for full-time students who enroll in this program is 42%. The range for this tuition reduction is 16% to 51%. Note that students enrolled in programs with the Flex Choice option can attain additional savings by completing self-paced competency courses.

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My nephew graduated from high school and it was anticipated that he would attend college like both of his parents. He made it through freshman year and was absolutely miserable. He just didn’t enjoy college, even though he is an intelligent kid. His parents are accountant/office manager types and the thought of spending his days behind a desk thoroughly horrified him.
After a summer of working odd jobs and a lot of soul searching, he began trade school to become a mechanic. He was always an inquisitive kid who loved to take things apart and put them back together. He breezed through the training with a high placement and was employed within a month of graduating.
Fast forward a year, he is working for a high end marina and is often out on the lake enjoying the breeze, rather than anchoring a desk chair. From their customers, you’d things were hunky dory in America. He is not getting rich, but he is doing something he loves and is planning his future while not constrained by unnecessary education debt.
Sorry for the long diatribe, just wanted to relay a story of how college is not for everyone and to let folks know that there are alternatives to university.

Why college is so expensive essay

why college is so expensive essay


why college is so expensive essaywhy college is so expensive essaywhy college is so expensive essaywhy college is so expensive essay