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In the mid 1920’s when Purdue University converted from Helicon’s to Sousaphones, they went to King Sousaphones. These horns were used by the marching band in some fashion until about 5 or 10 years ago when the Sousaphone section began to maintain over 20 members, and new horns were purchased. The majority of these were 3 valve (model 1250), but there were a number of 4 valve (model 1251) and one 4 valve (model 1265). The model 1265 is the one that is called “Big Bertha” The model 1265 was the “Jumbo” Sousaphone produced by H N White Company for King. No one really knows how many of the King 1265 model sousaphones H N White made as after the company was sold in 1965 the buying company destroyed all the production records. 12

Thanks for a thoughtful article. I personally find that typography is an art form, and that both serif and sans serif fonts can be poorly set or well set.
A font like Helvetica in the hands of a good typographer can, not only be eminently legible, but can be quite beautiful. By the same token serif fonts may also be beautifully set. One of my favorite serif fonts is Zapf Elliptical, which in good hands, can also be a delight to the eye.
With the advent of computer-based printing, everyone fancies themselves an expert. Unfortunately just selecting fonts and their sizes is not typography. Letterspacing (kerning) and leading can change the whole look and feel of a block of text.
A new magazine called CODEX (especially for typomaniacs) may be found at http:// and some very interesting work on typography can be found at http:// .

Ma thesis page layout

ma thesis page layout


ma thesis page layoutma thesis page layoutma thesis page layoutma thesis page layout