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The width from the moment I put the shoe on was comfortable. I always wear a standard width (D) and this shoe was true to size for me. When I first looked at shoe I thought the toe box might be narrow but I have plenty of room and never had issues with the toe box being too narrow. The Midfoot area as snug – not too tight – but before lacing up the shoe was held in place around midfoot which I liked, then when I laced, I could personalize to my foot. The heel is secure, some may think it is narrow, but it was secure and held heel in place. So overall I felt the shoe fit true to size and never felt loose during runs.

You may have noticed that metals, for example copper, heat faster than water. You would require 4186 J of heat to raise the temperature of water by 1 degree Celsius. On the other hand 1 kg of copper would zoom to this temperature after it receives only 387 J of heat. It is known that every substance has a unique value of amount of heat required to change the temperature of 1 kg of it by 1 degree Celsius. This number is referred to as the specific heat of the substance. Let Q be the heat transferred to m kg of a substance, thereby changing its temperature by dT. The specific heat c of the substance is defined as

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