Essay holocaust genocide

Rescuers such as Andre Trocmé , the minister and spiritual leader of the French village of Le Chambon, probably fit most closely to our stereotypes of those who will help. Trocmé was clearly motivated by ethical and religious convictions. Yet many others, who could have been expected to hold similar beliefs, failed to act. Less expected is an Oskar Schindler , the opportunistic businessman who made a fortune using Jewish slave labor—and spent that fortune again to save the lives of those in his factory. What did they have in common?

In 1848, before the gold rush in California, that state's native population is estimated to have been 150,000. In 1870, after the gold rush, only about 31,000 were still alive. " Over 60 percent of these indigenous people died from disease introduced by hundreds of thousands of so-called 49ers. However, local tribes were also systematically chased off their lands, marched to missions and reservations, enslaved and brutally massacred. " 12 The price paid for a native scalp had dropped as low as $. Native historian, Jack Forbes, wrote:

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Essay holocaust genocide

essay holocaust genocide


essay holocaust genocideessay holocaust genocideessay holocaust genocideessay holocaust genocide