Buffalo bill research paper

Tracing its roots to 1917, the Buffalo Bill Museum is the flagship museum of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. First opening its doors to the public in 1927 in a log cabin in downtown Cody—modeled after Bill Cody’s house at his “TE Ranch”—southwest of town, the museum remained in that location until 1969 when it was relocated to a newly-built wing of the then Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Here, as in its original incarnation, the Buffalo Bill Museum’s focus is on the life and times of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody (1846 – 1917), the noted guide, scout, frontiersman, showman, actor, entrepreneur, town founder, and American icon.

Charles felt it was a real honor making a logo for a legend as big as Buffalo Bill himself. At 29 years of age he is married and they have two girls (8 and 2 years). Charles has been a traditional artist his whole life but about 6 years ago he started to get interested in designing logos and working with digital arts. He decided to get a degree in Graphic Design so applied to Rocky Mountain College of Arts+Design (RMCAD) in Colorado. After extensive research into the man and Wild West era the new Buffalo Bill Days logo includes some hand drawn pieces that created something modern yet still celebrating the look and feel that people would see if they saw a vintage Buffalo Bill Cody poster back in the late 1870’s to 1880’s. Charles is scheduled to graduate in 2020. He started a freelance graphic design website called Pixel Dab () to try and land jobs designing logos and corporate branding all over the world. Charles is a bit obsessed with logos and tends to look at logos on the street, in books, movies and websites to get a knowledgeable data base of why certain logos and brandings are successful and how he can make the simplest yet noticeable logo possible. Entire companies are recognized by some of the simplest images yet it stands in the place and represents a company image, culture and passion. Some of the best logos are time tested and are recognized all over the world. This in itself is amazing modern art. Congratulations to Charles who received a prize check of $500 for his winning logo.

Buffalo bill research paper

buffalo bill research paper


buffalo bill research paperbuffalo bill research paperbuffalo bill research paperbuffalo bill research paper