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How I Became a Nun’s first sentence (“My story, the story of ‘how I became a nun’ . . “), is a typical Aira opening: unadorned and efficient. A comparison might be made to the first sentence of Aira’s 2004 novel Yo era una chica moderna ( I Was a Modern Girl ). That novel begins: “ Yo era una chica moderna, que salía mucho .” (“I was a modern girl who went out a lot.”) A span of 11 years separates the two novels ( How I Became a Nun was first published in Argentina in 1993), but the technique is identical: begin simply.

A educator does his duty following the guidelines or by following his lessons learnt from his life , unless one can recognise there is importance of its own which is either known to human or not to everything in this essential to fulfill its own role in their own life, as we moulded own needs and greed and we name it evolution we just have to believe the laws of nature which are long learnt by every living being to protect nature, there is always a middle way to which dosent take take toll on both the sides that is very much acceptable to everyone

Art design essay titles

art design essay titles


art design essay titlesart design essay titlesart design essay titlesart design essay titles